History of the Kilt

Kilts in Ontario, Visit us in Ajax and Kingston Ontario   Tartan is unique to Scotland. As part of its national dress it has developed from the roughly woven plaid, coloured from local pigment dyes, in which early Highlanders wrapped themselves for battle to some of the highest

Canvas Kilt Wear

Welcome to the 21st century of KILTS! This is not your Granddad's KILT! It's a KELTIK KILT! People ask me what are the rules of wearing a kilt? There is no Fkn rules! as my Grandad used to say.  Embrace the Kilt, Dress it up! The canvas kilt is here to stay, they give a more risqué look to Kilt Wear. We have designed the Basic Black kilt,

Kilt Pin

Whether  you are wearing a casual of formal kilt you will need a kilt pin  to complete your outfit. Apparently Queen Victoria , on a regimental inspection, offered her brooch to a solider struggling to keep his kilt  from  blowing up in the wind.  And, so the story goes, from then on the kilt  pin became part of regimental highland dress. Most k


Sporran is the Gaelic for purse and has become a traditional part of Highland dress that is functional as well as being decorative. The functionality has survived from the European medieval pouch that was worn on a belt and period illustrations of individuals in trews (tight trousers) demonstrate admirably that it was in place of pockets. The or