Canvas Kilt Wear

Welcome to the 21st century of KILTS!

This is not your Granddad's KILT! It's a KELTIK KILT!
People ask me what are the rules of wearing a kilt? There is no Fkn rules! as my Grandad used to say.  Embrace the Kilt, Dress it up! The canvas kilt is here to stay, they give a more risqué look to Kilt Wear. We have designed the Basic Black kilt, The Fireman, The Chrome Hardware, Camouflage ,Khaki Hiker, Olive Green, the list goes on........ The Keltik Kilts  are durable  and practical, made from duck denim cotton which  will stand up tae any beer tent!  You generally go one size up from your jeans, as you typically wear the kilt higher up the waist to the belly button line. Now if you have a bit o' a belly ,you can wear across the belly button line, so don't get your panties in a twist if you see larger numbers on that measuring tape! As well as you can wear it below your belly following your pant line. Whatever is more comfortable? The standard rise (or the length) of the kilt is 24". the kilt should ride along the middle of you knee cap. The optimum height for these kilts are 5'8"- 6'1", now having said that you can play with the waist line of your kilt to get that right fit. You can wear a longer kilt on the knee line but don't wear a short kilt a few inches above the knee mate!! Believe me it looks like a wee dress, and please! please! Please wear the pleats to the back! I know, I know but I have seen this many a time at your local Highland Games.