Festival Page

Please visit us at the following festivals in 2016:

Kingston Highland Games, Kingston Ont- May 23rd, 2015
Georgetown Highland Games- June 11, 2016

Cobourg Highland Games June 18th, 2016
Toronto Pride- Church St Toronto, July 1-3 2016

Orillia Scottish Festival- July 18, 2016
Highlands of Durham Highland Games- July 25-26, 2015
Glengarry Highland Games- Maxville, Ont- July 29 -30, 2016
Fergus Scottish Festival - August 12-14th 2016
Canadian National Exhibition- Toronto, Ont- August 19 - Sept 5th, 2016
Zoomer/British Isles Show- Toronto Direct Energy Building- October 2016
Royal Winter Fair- Toronto - November 4-13, 2016
Season Christmas Show- International Center Mississauga, Ont- November 18-20th, 2016

THEN WE REST FOR ONE DAY and work in our retail shops throughout Christmas!!
                       Hardest working people in show business are WE!